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Revised Competitive Balance Proposal Simulations

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Revised Competitive Balance Proposal Simulations

Linked below are the spreadsheet simulations of the OHSAA's eight team sports that would be affected by the Revised Competitive Balance Proposal if it is passed by the membership during the Annual Referendum Voting Period (May 1-15).

The spreadsheets are sorted by "athletic count" from largest school to smallest school and contain information as to how the three factors affect each school. The three factors are boundary, socioeconomic and tradition. For more information regarding how the "athletic count" would be determined, please see:

          Revised Competitive Balance Proposal: Press Release  |  Guide


The divisional lines are drawn on each spreadsheet to reflect seven divisions in football, four divisions in volleyball, basketball, softball and baseball and three divisions in soccer.

How many schools are affected by each of the three factors? Just under half of all schools would see an increase in their athletic count due to the boundary factor, while almost 86 percent of schools would see a decrease in their athletic count due to the socioeconomic factor. The tradition factor affects very few schools.

          CHART: Total Number of Schools (and percentages) Affected Per Factor

Note that the simulations below are based on the current enrollment numbers and factors, which would change prior to the 2013-14 school year based on updated enrollment data, updated boundary status, updated socioeconomic data and the most recent eight-year period for tradition factor purposes.


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