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Officiating Class Instructors

The class instructor provides entry level information to incoming officials. Class information must include: rules & mechanics; OHSAA regulations; local association; assigning process; uniform purchases; etc.

2013-2014 OHSAA Approved Officiating Instructors

Requirements to be an Approved Officiating Instructor

  • You must be a Class 1 (active or inactive) official in the sport(s) you teach.

  • You must attend an OHSAA conducted instructor’s clinic once every three years.

  • You must complete and pass the NFHS Principles of Officiating on-line class. The link is located at: www.asep.com/asep_content/org/OHSAA.cfm

  • You need a sponsor for any adult education class that you teach.

  • You must submit a yearly application. Email bferree@ohsaa.org for an application.


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OHSAA Officiating Calendar

Annual Permit Renewal Period: June 1-30

Renewal Deadline with $50 Late Fee

     Fall Sports: July 31

     Winter Sports: Oct. 31

     Spring Sports: Jan. 31

Change Classification

Football, Volleyball, Soccer

     Application Period: Nov. 1-15

     Testing Available: Nov. 15-30

Basketball, Wrestling

     Application Period: March 1-15

     Testing Available: March 15-30

Baseball, Softball

     Application Period: April 20-May 5

     Testing Available: May 5-20

New Applications

Fall Sports

     New Application Deadline: July 15

     Examination Dates: July 15-Aug. 15

Winter Sports

     New Application Deadline: Oct. 15

     Examination Dates: Oct. 15-Nov. 15

Spring Sports

     New Application Deadline: Jan. 15

     Examination Dates: Jan. 15-Feb. 15