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Softball State Rules Meeting: Deadline - March 13, 2015. A late fee of $50 will now be assessed. To view the online rules meeting with penalty, please contact Nate Lawrence with credit card information to pay late fee and receive meeting link. Last day to view online rules meeting with a late fee is Tuesday, March 24, 2015.

Do not attempt to view online rules meetings on Android Mobile Phone or Tablet Computers.

Note: [ Online Rules Meeting Problem Troubleshooting ]  

In order to view the online presentation it is recommended that users use IE7.0 or higher; in addition Adobe Flashplayer must be installed on your PC; also, make sure your playback device (speakers) are working properly. Flashplayer is a free download from Adobe and can be downloaded from their web site at http://www.adobe.com/go/getflashplayer. OHSAA will not take phone calls or troubleshoot any user computer hardware or software problems.

OHSAA/NFHS Announce Softball Rules Clarifications

2014-15 Softball Bulletins: Jan. 5 | Jan. 25 | Feb. 8 | Feb. 23 | Mar. 4 | Mar. 17 | Mar. 26

NFHS National Rules Changes for 2015

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Ohio High School Fastpitch Softball Coaches Association State Polls
Click here for how a panel of coaches rate Ohio high school softball teams in the weekly 2014 poll.

Louisville Slugger oneX Softball Bats Recalled
March 6, 2014 - The National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) has notified the OHSAA that Louisville Slugger has recalled its oneX bats because of a manufacturing issue that has compromised the durability of the bat which potentially shows up in the form of cracking between the barrel and handle. In extreme cases, the manufacturing defect has resulted in a complete fracture between the handle and barrel.
   The entire current line of oneX bats are being recalled. Model numbers affected by the  recall are FP136, FP1369 and FP 1368.The company will replace the recalled bats with 2013 Xeno bats and will discuss options with each customer to satisfy the price difference between the oneX and the Xeno replacement bat the customer will receive.
   If you or anyone you know has purchased this bat, a customer service representative can be reached at 1-800-282-2287.




2014-2015 OHSAA Softball Calendar

Aug. 4 - Sept. 1, 2014 Coach No Contact Period
Feb. 23, 2015 First Day of Coaching
Mar. 28 Season Begins
Apr. 20 Non-Interscholastic Competition No Longer Permitted
May 3, 2:00 p.m. Sectional Tournament Draw Date
May 9 - May 16 Sectional Tournament
May 18 - May 23 District Tournament
May 27 - May 30 Regional Tournament
Jun. 4-6 State Tournament
Jun. 13 Season Ends


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