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Equipment Classifieds

To submit a classified for equipment, please e-mail Eli Burris (eburris@ohsaa.org). No faxes or standard mail will be accepted. Include a brief description of the item(s), contact information and price. Equipment available/needed will be posted for 60 days.

WANTED: Glass Backboards (Preferably with Rims)

August 15, 2018
The Longwood Branch YMCA at Nordonia Hills is in need of glass backboards (preferably with rims) in sets of two with a maximum of six needed. Looking to see if anyone is willing to donate or they can be purchased. Contact Brian Bidlingmyer at 330-376-1335 or by email at brianb@akronymca.org for questions or if your school or organization is interested.

FOR SALE: Arm extension, back extension, arm curl, ab crunch & neck machine

June 20, 2018
Will sell individually or as a group. Neck machine is $200; all others $300 or less if buying more than one. If interested, please email Steve Rossi at srossi@rogerbacon.org.

FOR SALE: Segment Timer

June 20, 2018
Tiffin Calvert purchased a segment timer two years ago and we are looking to sell it. Dimensions are 3ft. tall and 4ft. wide with LED lights and horn. Works great. Price will be $1200.00. If interested, please contact AD Paul Shoemaker at 419-447-3844 ext. 117 or pshoemaker1@calvertcatholic.org.