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Golden Megaphone - Amelia High School

- By Sports Information Intern Andrew Mann

The OHSAA staff visited another finalist in the Battle for the Golden Megaphone contest on February 4, the Amelia Barons. Amelia, about a half hour east of Cincinnati, is a school full of spirit and excitement for their athletics teams. The student section, The Blue Crew, came out in full force on a Wednesday night to support their fellow schoolmates. From the introductions with glow sticks and a disco ball, to loud chants and jumping around throughout the entire game, the Blue Crew definitely showed why they are a finalist for the Golden Megaphone.

“The Blue Crew (@BlueCrewAmelia on Twitter) picks a theme for every game and the players really look forward to it. It started in the Fall with the spirit busses that traveled to away games, and the students have really embraced it as much as the players have”, said James Collins, Athletic Director at Amelia High School.

Principal of AHS, Stephanie Walker, really enjoys the family culture that the Blue Crew brings to the Amelia community. “At the very beginning of the year, we talked about what we wanted to be known for as a school. They came to me and said they wanted to support their teams and wanted to travel. Regardless of who they play or whether or not we win or lose, they want to be there supporting the teams”, said Walker. “I think that really says something about our community, our school, and most importantly, our kids”.

Senior Mikey Diana, the leader of the Blue Crew, has really embraced his role as leader of the student section. When asked about his favorite aspect of the Blue Crew he said, “My favorite thing we have is the Blue Crew shirt. Everyone orders one and puts their name on the back so we all look like one big team.”

The entire Barons community exhibited great sportsmanship throughout the game, along with the Blue Crew leading the charge with the school spirit. The OHSAA looks forward to seeing more out of Amelia, and all other member schools, as we look to find the best student section in the state of Ohio.