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Golden Megaphone - Dayton Carroll

- By Sports Information Intern Andrew Mann

The OHSAA visited Carroll High School on January 27 for a boys basketball matchup against Roger Bacon High School. As a finalist in the Battle for the Golden Megaphone contest, the OHSAA wanted to see the students in action, and they did not disappoint.

Known as the Frontline (or the@CarrollCrazies on Twitter), the students were dressed in different crazy outfits and jerseys, all red, ready to cheer on their basketball team. They were loud, jumping around, and yelling out cheers all game long. Even a few planned extracurricular activities took place, such as their tradition of “Moses parting the Red Sea” and a conga line during halftime. A student also made a half court shot during a promotional contest, which ended up in a court storming to celebrate with the young man.

“Carroll High School really set the bar high”, said Andrew Mann. “It felt like the entire school was packed into the gymnasium, wearing red outfits, painted faces and being loud. They had great coordinated cheers and truly showed what good sportsmanship was about. They represented their community very well.”

When Carroll Athletic Director, Scott Molfenter, was asked what he thought it does for the team and the school to have such a fun and supporting group of students at the games, he replied, “It really creates a sense of community and allows our whole student body to be involved with the games. I mean, it is a Tuesday night and the kids are having a great time here, when they could just be at home sitting on the couch. Hopefully it helps create memories that will last a lifetime, along with helping our student athletes perform at a high level.”

Overall, the student section at Carroll High School was extremely loud, energetic, supportive, and showed great sportsmanship throughout the entire night. They made a great case for the Golden Megaphone and the OHSAA is excited to follow the Frontline and all the other great student sections throughout the rest of the season.