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Meeting Minutes

SWDAB Minutes 2019-2020

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Southwest District Athletic Board
Minutes, November 5, 2019

Roll Call
President Scott Kaufman, Vice-President Tim Cook, Andy Bixler, Doug Foote, John Kronour, Matt Macy,
Jonas Smith, Jan Wilking, Dale Creamer, Secretary, Bob Huelsman, Treasurer. 

Paul Stone absent for professional reasons.

Moved by Cook and seconded by Foote to approve minutes from September 4, 2019 meeting.  
     Motion passed 8-0. 

Financial Report – Mr. Huelsman

Cert. of Deposit - Durkle


Cert. of Deposit - SWDAB


Cert. of Deposit - Rossi/Denney


Max Saver SWDAB


Checking Account Fifth Third


Max Saver – Scholarships - 2019


Max Saver – Contingency Fund


Max Saver – Summer Conference 2024


Max Saver – Arbiter Pay Reserve


Total Funds  


Working Capital 


Moved by Kronour and seconded by Bixler to approve financial report.
     Motion passed 8-0.

Additional items covered:

  1. Overview of fall tournaments was given but not all tournaments are accounted. Tennis and golf are finalized.
  2. Flat fee summary.
  3. Fall Arbiter Pay and winter projections.
  4. Met with UC to discuss upcoming tournament to be held at UC.
  5. Golf Concerns.  Summary of concerns was discussed.  Green fee charges/golf cart charges were major concerns.


  1. Letter discussing concessions at Blanchester High School. Mr. Pennix wrote letter to explain.
  2. Letter from Greeneview High School asking for permission for their gymnast to compete in Central District Tournament.  Moved by Kronour and seconded by Cook to allow just a request.   Motion passed 8-0.
  3. Email from West Liberty Salem questioning the placement of a soccer match (semi-final) on a grass field.

State Board Report – Jan Wilking

  1. Board offered to include 12-mile radius to count their kis. They want 17.5 miles. They called back and wanted 12.5 miles. The process is still in discussion.
  2. HR Audit handbook is completely outdated. Job descriptions are sorely needed.
  3. Steve Neal is no longer employed in state office.  Jacki Windon is presently fulfilling duties.
  4. Three referendum items on ballot in spring.
  5. Middle school eligibility five (5) classes to four (4).
  6. Instant replay introduced in football finals.
  7. Presale tickets will cost $9.27 to cover surcharge $8.00 plus $1.27 = $9.27.

Old Business

New Business

  1. Basketball brackets were reviewed, and minor adjustments were made.  Motion by Kronour and seconded by Bixler to approve. Motion passed 8-0.
  2. Winter tournament regulations were reviewed.  Motion by Cook and seconded by Wilking to approve regulations as presented.  Motion passed 8-0.
  3. Track update. Piqua had requested that we move the Division I track meet held the past few years to Troy.   Troy has a new track and the move will help to alleviate worker shortages at Piqua.  Motion by Bixler and seconded by Foote to approve the move.  Motion passed 8-0.
  4. December meeting will be held in Canton on Friday, December 6. 2019, 8:30 a.m.
  5. Friend of Athletics/Media Award recognition will be held on Sunday, March 8, 2020.  Promotion will be conducted during late November and December.
  6. January meeting will be held on January 9, 3:30 p.m., prior to winter manager’s meeting.


Important Dates:

December 5 – 7                  State Football Finals
December 6                        SWDAB Meeting, Canton, 8:30 a.m.

January 9                             SWDAB Meeting, 3:30 p.m.
                                              Winter Manager’s Meeting, 4:15 p.m.