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Meeting Minutes

SWDAB Minutes 2019-2020

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Southwest District Athletic Board
Minutes, June 15, 2020
Virtual Meeting

Roll Call
President Scott Kaufman, Vice-President Tim Cook, Doug Foote,  John Kronour, Matt Macy,  Jonas Smith, Paul Stone, Jan Wilking, Bob Huelsman, Treasurer, Dale Creamer, Ray Spicher, Secretary.  Andy Bixler excused.

Moved by Smith and seconded by Stone to approve minutes from May 19, 2020 meeting.
     Motion passed 8-0. 

Secretary Report – Ray Spicher

  1. Calendar.  Reviewed.
  2. Pass proposal. 
        Superintendent                  +1                           All Divisions
        Principal Pass                     +1                           All Divisions
        AD Pass                               +1                           All Divisions
        4 Administrative Asst.       +1                           All Divisions
        25 All Sport                         +1                           All Divisions

    Additional Passes:
    25 All Sport / SWDAB Member
    10 All Sport / Former SWDAB Member if requested
    3 All Sport / Former AD if requested

    Motion by Kronour and seconded by Macy to approve the pass proposal.
         Motion passed 8-0.
  3. Approval of Rob Dement as Yankee Trace Division I Boys Golf Manager.  Moved by Cook and seconded by Kronour.  Motion approved 8-0.
  4. Bryan Pennix will continue as Blanchester Volleyball Manager.  No action.  Ray Spicher will contact the new AD.
  5. Keith Pantling, Lebanon AD, wants to keep the Volleyball tournaments.  Cook moved to approve, Kronour seconded.  Approved 8-0.
  6. Team assignments.  Motion to move Dixie from Troy site to Centerville site in Girls Tennis assignments.  Motion by Kronour, seconded by Foote.  Approved 8-0.

Financial Report – Bob Huelsman

Cert. of Deposit - Durkle $     56,417.30
Cert. of Deposit - SWDAB      100,000.00
Cert. of Deposit - Rossi/Denney        56,417.30
Max Saver SWDAB      306,621.30
Checking Account Fifth Third     164,929.84
Max Saver – Scholarships – 2021       35,000.00
Max Saver – Summer Conference 2024                      0
Total Funds     $719,385.74
Working Capital    $471,551.14

Moved by Kronour and seconded by Foote to approve report.
     Motion passed 8-0.

Old Business

  1. Hometown Ticketing.  No update.
  2. Zoom package.  No update.

New Business

  1. The copier is up for sale with no inquiries.  Bob will check the trade-in-value.
  2. Ray Spicher is staying in touch with UD regarding district basketball dates.
  3. OHSAA Update.  Posting for CFO is coming for early July.
  4. Next meeting – August 6, 9:00 a.m.  Site TBD.