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Meeting Minutes

SWDAB Minutes 2018-2019

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Southwest District Athletic Board
Minutes, June 19, 2019
Dayton Marriott Hotel

Roll Call
President Andy Bixler, Tim Cook, Doug Foote, John Kronour, Jan Wilking, Bob Huelsman, Treasurer, Dale Creamer, Secretary. 
Absent:  Scott Kaufman, Matt Macy, Bill Myles, Tiffany Sawyer

Moved by Cook and seconded by Foote to approve minutes from April 27, 2019 meeting.
     Motion passed 5-0. 

Financial Report

Cert. of Deposit - Durkle
Cert. of Deposit - SWDAB
Cert. of Deposit - Rossi/Denney
Max Saver – Rossi/Denney
Max Saver SWDAB
Checking Account Fifth Third
Max Saver – Scholarships - 2019
Max Saver – Contingency Fund
Max Saver – Summer Conference 2024
Total Funds  
Working Capital 
  1. Balance due to state office prior to fall
  2. Spreadsheet covering spring sports and comparisons for last five years
  3. Spreadsheet for all 2018-2019 tournaments
  4. Spreadsheet for Arbiter costs
  5. Thoughts pertinent to flat fees in softball

Moved by Wilking and seconded by Kronour to approve report.
     Motion passed 5-0.
Compliments given to Mr. Huelsman pertinent to thoroughness of report.

State Board Report – Dr. Kronour and Ms. Jan Wilking

  1. Approval of divisional breakdowns
  2. Approval of divisional qualifiers
  3. Passage of referendum items

No meeting to report.

Discussion was held pertinent to Baseball / Softball regulation addressing pre-game warm-up on field.  No action taken.

Scholarship Banquet
The format for the evening was discussed.

Old Business

  1. Recommendations from coaching representatives were discussed.
  2. Golf Division I Girls District Tournament held at Glenview permanently.  Motion by Wilking and seconded by Cook to hold Division I Girls Golf at Glenview every year starting in 2020.  Motion passed 5-0.
  3. Effective in 2019, golf carts can be rented by spectators provided that the course allows such practice.
  4. Discussion was held allowing alternates free admission.  No action taken.

New Business

  1. Team placements.  Motion by Kronour and seconded by Foote to approve placements as presented.  Motion passed 5-0.
  2. District brackets for Volleyball / Soccer will be sent to board members for approval.
  3. Calendar for 2019-2020 changes were made.  Motion made by Cook and seconded by Kronour to approve with changes made.  Motion passed 5-0.
  4. Assignors employed.  Motion by Cook and seconded by Wilking to approve employees.  Motion passed
    5-0.  Volleyball, Warden, Evans; Soccer, Glaser, Brizzolara; Basketball, Forrer, Campbell; Wrestling, Turton, Simons; Baseball, Fick, Heatherly; Softball, Fick, Heatherly; Liaison, Kevin Forrer.
  5. Site inspection form for 2019-2020.  Moved by Kronour and seconded by Cook to require the school to complete form prior to receiving passes for 2019-2020.  Motion passed 5-0.
  6. Secretary / Treasurer evaluations.  Mr. Bixler reviewed the process used this past year.
  7. District Basketball was discussed.  The University of Dayton will not be available.  Several options are being discussed.  College venue schedules are not available yet.
  8. Election of Officers.  Moved to nominate Scott Kaufman for President and Tim Cook for Vice-President.  Motion to close nominations.  Kaufman and Cook were elected.