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Meeting Minutes

SWDAB Minutes 2019-2020

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Southwest District Athletic Board
Minutes, September 23, 2019

Roll Call
President Scott Kaufman, Vice-President Tim Cook, Andy Bixler, Doug Foote, Jonas Smith, Paul Stone, Bob Huelsman, Treasurer. 

Financial Report

Fall tournament funds submitted to OHSAA to load Arbiter Account for payment of Tournament Officials.
Financial update presented to Board. 
Report approved 6-0

State Board Report

  1. Board approved Jonas Smith as Ethnic Minority Representative to fill Bill Myles vacant position due to retirement.
  2. Strategic Plan approved.  Will serve as guiding principle for decision making.
  3. Board approved Budget.
  4. Summer All Boards Meeting will be moved to a single day in Columbus in June.  More info to follow.
  5. Board updated on upcoming Student Leadership Conference in October.
  6. Board approved the football practice start dates for the next two years.  In 2020, football practice will begin on Saturday, August 1, and there will be no mandatory off-day on Sunday, August 2. The mandatory off-days in 2020 will be August 9 and 16. Then in 2021, football practice will begin on Monday, August 2.

 Old Business

  1. Discussed Plan B for District Boys Basketball in the event college venues are not available.  Waiting on more information from Xavier and University of Cincinnati.

New Business

  1. Approved 6-0, as recommended by OHSAA, update Wrestling Regulations to include:            
    15. Required Medical Professionals
    A physician (M.D. or D.O.) must be present at all sectional, district, and state tournaments weigh-ins. It is highly recommended that you have a dermatologist at weigh-ins. The tournament physicians’ decisions relative to the medical status of any wrestler are final. If a physician is unavailable during competition, an appropriate number of certified athletic trainers must be present.
  2. Approved 9-0 via electronic vote, Winter Tournament Team Alignments 



  1. Request location of Seed Meetings to take place in central locations.
  2. Request District Semi-Finals be centrally located.
  3. Request better location for Regional Softball (we referred them to OHSAA Office).
  4. Request change in use of 10 coaching days (we referred them to OHSAA Office).

      1.  No significant changes recommended


  1. Presented proposal for a change in team alignments.  SWDAB recommended they conduct a survey of all member schools and possibly looking at an Open Draw for South.
  2. Troy HS willing to host with new track installed.

Important Information
October 2 SWDAB Meeting cancelled due to completion of Agenda on September 23, 2019.
Sign-up for District Volleyball Award Presentations will be sent to Board Members.