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Meeting Minutes

SWDAB Minutes 2019-2020

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Southwest District Athletic Board
Minutes, December 6, 2019

Southwest District Athletic Board
Minutes, December 6, 2019

Roll Call
President Scott Kaufman, Vice-President Tim Cook, Andy Bixler, Doug Foote, John Kronour, Matt Macy,
Jonas Smith, Jan Wilking, Dale Creamer, Secretary, Bob Huelsman, Treasurer. 

Paul Stone absent due to professional reasons.

Moved by Cook and seconded by Foote to approve minutes from November 5, 2019 meeting.  
     Motion passed 8-0. 

Financial Report – Mr. Huelsman
No report given.

New Business

  1. Scholarship banquet confirmed with Marriott for Thursday, June 18, 2020, 6:30 p.m.
  2. District Basketball Tournament details.  Much discussion ensued to assure preparedness.
  3. Parking charges were discussed.  Motion made by Kronour and seconded by Smith to allow up to a $5.00 parking charge at sites hosting a district championship (not semi-final). Funds must be collected by a school sponsored organization.  Motion passed 8-0