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Meeting Minutes

SWDAB Minutes 2019-2020

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Southwest District Athletic Board
Minutes, December 6, 2019

Roll Call
Vice-President Tim Cook, Andy Bixler, Doug Foote, John Kronour, Matt Macy, Jonas Smith, Paul Stone, Jan Wilking, Ray Spicher, Dale Creamer, Secretary, Bob Huelsman, Treasurer. 

Absent:  President Scott Kaufman.

Moved by Kronour and seconded by Bixler to approve minutes.  
     Motion passed 8-0. 

Financial Report – Mr. Huelsman

Motion by Kronour and seconded by Stone to approve financial report.
     Motion passed 8-0.

Correspondence was shared by Dale Creamer regarding “thank you” notes from very appreciative Friends of Athletics and Media Award recipients.

New Business

  1. Much discussion on the Coronavirus issues and what affect it will have on the OHSAA and District Boards.        More information coming soon from the OHSAA. 
  2. The following upcoming meetings have been postponed until further notice:
            April 9 – Tournament Managers Meeting
            April 24 – Retired Board Members Dinner
            April 25 – SWDAB Work Weekend
            May 7 – SWDAB Administrators’ Breakfast
            June 18 – SWDAB / OHSAA Scholarship Banquet

The next meeting date was not set until further direction from the OHSAA office.

Motion to adjourn meeting by Wilking and seconded by Bixler.

Submitted by Vice-President Tim Cook.