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Meeting Minutes

SWDAB Minutes 2019-2020

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Southwest District Athletic Board
Minutes, August 31, 2020
Virtual Meeting

Roll Call
President Tim Cook, Vice-President Jonas Smith, Andy Bixler, Doug Foote, Scott Kaufman,  John Kronour, Matt Macy, Paul Stone, Jan Wilking, Ray Spicher, Secretary.  All present.

Moved by Kronour and seconded by Foote to approve minutes from August 2, 2020 meeting.
     Motion passed 9-0. 

Secretary Report – Ray Spicher

  1. Fall brackets.  Updates shared.  Brackets will be posted on SWDAB website.
  2. Fall regulations.  Have been posted on the website and will be updated as necessary when changes come from OHSAA.
  3. Fall team placements.  Changes were shared.
  4. Winter team placements.  Andy Bixler moved to approve; Jonas Smith seconded.  Motion passed 9-0.
  5.  Division II Boys Basketball sectionals will be at Springfield and Trent Arena.  Will be reviewed at the September 9 meeting.
  6. Golf manager.  Steve Jurick of the Miami Valley Golf Association will let us know on Friday, September 4, if they will manager the Xenia and PipeStone sectionals and district.
  7. Electronic scoring.  Ray Spicher will check with OHSAA to get permission to do electronic scoring at SWDAB tournaments.
  8.   Dates:
         1.  West Chester Marriott, Cancel.
         2.  Dayton Marriott, Cancel.
         3.  Montgomery Inn, Cancel.
         4.  Nutter Center, Cancel.

    9.  No update on the University of Dayton Arena availability for district basketball.

    10.  Discussion of virtual meetings for managers.  Hybrid meetings will be held at 5:30 p.m. at Lakota West High School.  Scott Kaufman will set it up and host and Ray Spicher will email the managers.

    11.  Discussion of balls and HomeTown Ticketing.  Jan Wilking will send Jacki Windon a list of schools to find out who uses HTT to find out who might need assistance.

    12.  Soccer should split the sides for home and visitors and allocated tickets based on 15% capactiy for families.

    Volleyball sites should clear the crowd at the end of each match and fans should sit on opposite sides according to home and visitors.

    We need capacity limits from managers.  Volleyball will also adhere to 15% capacity and allowing only families of participants to purchase tickets.

    13.  Managers are asked to host draw meetings virtually but if held in person, social distancing and masks should be in effect.

    14.  Passes.  Ray Spicher will send passes to the superintendents, ADs, Principal, 4 Administrative Assistants.

Treasurer Report

1.  Tournament apparel sale.  Will be conducted by the state office.

2.  Online ticketing / paper tickets.  There will be presale online ticketing only in each sport.  No paper tickets will be used nor will any tickets be sold at the door.

3.  Wifi at venues.  HomeTown Ticketing needs to know who needs help with wifi.

4.  Membership fees to OHSAA?  Still being discussed.

5.  Tournament entry fees?  Still being discussed.   Golf and bowling fees will be passed on to participating schools.

New Business

  1. Secretary position.  Ray Spicher shared a proposed realignment of duties of the secretary, treasurer, and Board with the Board who met in executive session to discuss further.

OHSAA Update

1.  Debbie Moore retired.  Todd Boehm retired.  Executive Director search is down to two finalists.

2.  Bob Huelsman's materials.  Todd Boehm was to meet with Bob and get necessary items and do an inventory of materials needed to be taken care of.

Next Meeting

September 9, 2020 ,4:30 p.m., virtual, Lakota West High School.

Meeting adjourned.