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Transition Updates for Officials and Assigners

OHSAA-ArbiterSports Transition Updates

The area below provides updates for officials and assigners with the transition from using myOHSAA contracting tools to using ArbiterSports software.  For questions concerning how the ArbiterSports software works or for technical support of the ArbiterSports products, please contact ArbiterSports by contacting the ArbiterSports help desk at 800-311-4060.

February 2016

Training of OHSAA officials will take place using an online presentation.  In addition, the local officiating associations will be providing this video training at their local rules meetings.  

ArbiterSports Officials Training Power Point Presentation   |   PDF Version

January 2016

OHSAA certified assigners needing training or additional assistance with their ArbiterOne accounts should contact one of the designated assigners below to schedule a time for training. 

  Central/Southeast - Terry Williams (C: 740-602-0375, Email: delawareump@gmail.com)
  Northwest - Karen Raska (C: 419-466-7953, Email: rasassign.com)
  Northeast/East - Paul Jeremiah (C: 330-327-9020, Email: paul2jps@cs.com)
  Southwest - Kevin Forrer (C: 937-475-9130, Email: ohsaaassignor@aol.com)

October 19, 2015

October 19, 2015 - OHSAA launches partnership with ArbiterSports to provide software for OHSAA member high schools and OHSAA licensed officiating assigners.

  • Memo emailed to OHSAA high school athletic directors
  • Memo emailed to League/Conference Commissioners
  • Memo emailed to OHSAA licensed officiating assigners