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Training Schedule for Schools

OHSAA-ArbiterSports Training

The OHSAA will be providing training for member schools, officials and assigners to assist them with the transition from myOHSAA scheduling and contracting to ArbiterSports products. 

School Training

April 2016 - The OHSAA is offering additional ArbiterGame training sessions at their office in Columbus on the dates listed below.  Training sessions will begin at 9:30 a.m.  Attendees MUST bring their own laptop with WIFI connectivity.  The OHSAA will supply all other materials including WIFI.  
          Space is limited so RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED.  Click here to submit a reservation.

OHSAA certified assigners needing training or additional assistance with their ArbiterOne accounts should contact one of the designated assigners below to schedule a time for training. 

  Central/Southeast - Terry Williams (C: 740-602-0375, Email: delawareump@gmail.com)
  Northwest - Karen Raska (C: 419-466-7953, Email: rasassign.com)
  Northeast/East - Paul Jeremiah (C: 330-327-9020, Email: paul2jps@cs.com)
  Southwest - Kevin Forrer (C: 937-475-9130, Email: ohsaaassignor@aol.com)

Training of OHSAA officials will take place using an online presentation.  In addition, the local officiating associations will be providing this video training at their local rules meetings.     
          ArbiterSports Officials Training Power Point Presentation   |   PDF Version

ArbiterGame Training Schedule for Schools

Location: OHSAA Office, 4080 Roselea Place, Columbus 43214  
Time: 9:30 a.m.
Click here to Reserve a Training Spot
Do not forget to bring a laptop.

Upcoming Training Dates: