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Uniform Regulations - Wrestling

ART. 1…Wrestlers shall wear:

  1. a one-piece singlet cut no lower in the back or front than the level of the armpits and under the arms no lower than one-half the distance between the armpit and the belt line. All female wrestlers must wear a tight-fitting, short-sleeved or sleeveless undershirt of a single, solid color unadorned with no more than one manufacturer’s logo/trademark/reference under the one-piece singlet;
  2. either full-length tights, with stirrups, and close fitting outside short trunks or a properly cut one-piece uniform with a minimum 4-inch inseam and a maximum length of above the knee;
  3. a singlet with the top cut as outlined in (a) with full-length tights and stirrups. The uniform shall be a school issued uniform.

Full-length tights with stirrups are acceptable under a one-piece uniform. Any other undergarment that extends beyond the inseam of a one-piece uniform shall be a tight-fitting, single solid color, unadorned and shall not extend below the knee.

ART. 2…Any manufacturer’s logo/trademark/reference that appears on the wrestling uniform, including legal hair covering can be no more than 2¼ square inches with no dimension more than 2¼ inches and may appear no more than once on each item of uniform apparel. An American flag, not to exceed 2 by 3 inches, and either a commemorative or memorial patch, not to exceed 4 square inches and with written state association approval, may be worn.

ART. 3…Wrestlers shall wear light heelless wrestling shoes, reaching above the ankles, secured to the feet and lace to the top eyelet. If the laces are visible, they shall be secured in an acceptable fashion.

ART. 4…Wrestlers shall wear wrestling ear guards, which provide:

  1. adequate ear protection, with hair cap attached to the headgear if necessary;
  2. no injury hazard to the opponent; and
  3. an adjustable locking device to prevent it from coming off or turning on the wrestler’s head.


ART. 5…The uniform and special equipment shall all be worn as intended/designed by the manufacturer.