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2018 OHSAA Cross Country State Tournament Coverage Page

State Championship Tickets

Tickets for the cross country state championship will be available to purchase at the gate. Online tickets are no longer available for purchase, for the deadline has passed. However, Individuals who already ordered their tickets through Tikatap can enter either the east or the west gate for admission. A representative will will scan your cell phone and provide entry to the facility. Check out the course map below, and tickets will be scanned at map key 20.

2018 State Tournament

Parking & Travel Information

During previous Cross Country Championships there was major traffic congestion, so the OHSAA has worked with local officials to combat this problem. Please follow the instructions below in order to expedite the parking process:
  • If you are coming from the east, take Exit 126 off I-70, turn right onto Lancaster Road (State Route 37), then in one mile turn left onto National Road (State Route 40).
  • If you are coming from the west, take Exit 122 Outville Road (State Route 158), then in one mile turn right onto National Road (State Route 40). Note that school transportation vehicles coming from the west should proceed to exit 126 so that they park in Lot A for participants.
  • Some GPS systems instructed people coming from the west to proceed past National Trail and get off at Exit 126, Lancaster Road. This caused a huge backup. Please Exit at 122 if you are coming from the West except for school transportation vehicles (see previous note).
  • Recreational Vehicles will be directed to Gate B from Route 40 to park inside the National Trail facility. The parking fee is $25. This is in addition to the $10 per person ticket cost.
  • Parking Note: The parking lots are grass and can become muddy during inclement weather. Plan and dress accordingly!

State Tournament Recap