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Support Staff

Todd Boehm
Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Catastrophic & Officials Insurance, Tournament Financial Reports, Scholarship Stipends

Tyler Brooks
Officiating Program Coordinator

Wrestling, Football Administrative Support; Arbiter Sports - Use of Officials/Assigners; District Administrator and Local Secretary Communications; Handbook for Officials; Hall of Fame Committee and Banquet; Meritorious Certficiates; myOHSAA Login Troubleshooting; Officials - Assigner, Clinics,  Registrations, Regulations, Renewals, Records; Wrestling State Tournament Tickets

Jenn Close
Sports Program Coordinator
Program Coordinator for Field Hockey, Boys & Girls Lacrosse


Molly Downard
Executive Administrative Assistant
Assistant to the Commissioner - telephone calls, correspondence, coordination of calendar, speaking engagements, appointments for the Commissioner; Board of Directors & District Athletic Boards Liaison; Board Elections; Referendum Voting; Agenda for Board of Directors Meetings; Basketball State Tournament Ticketing; International Exchange Student Forms; OHSAA Foundation; International Exchange Students; General Appeals

Ben Ferree
Officials Registrar

Football, Swimming and Diving, Wrestling Administrative Support; Athlete/Coach Ejections; Officials - Adult Education Classes, Registrations, Renewals, Records, Regulations


Jason Fleming
Assistant Comptroller

Account Receivable, Account Payable, Payroll, Catastrophic & Officials Insurance, Tournament Financial Reports, Scholarship Stipends.


Emily Gates
Team Sports Program Coordinator

Program Coordinator for Baseball, Boys Basketball, Ice Hockey, Volleyball.


Andrea Heiberger

General Information; Bowling, Tennis Administrative Support; Exception 6 Transfers; Additional Orders for Printed Materials; Orders For School Supplies; Notary Public

Angie Lawler
Officiating Program Coordinator

Arbiter Sports - Use of Officials/Assigners; Officials Database Maintenance; Mailing Labels & Lists; Football Computer Rating System; Officials Support; State Interpretation Meeting Attendance FT; Tournament Official Assigners

Brenda Murray
Administrative Associate (Technology and Special Projects)

OHSAA Web Site Content, Design and Updates, Tournament Results, Open Dates, Equipment Classifieds, Officials Needed, Media Relations and Tournament Credentials, OHSAA Calendar, Member School Directory, myOHSAA Project Liaison, Fundamentals of Coaching Coordinator, Enrollments (EMIS Reports) and Classifications

Lauren Prochaska
Program Coordinator/Golf Administrator

Program Coordinator for Golf; Administrative Support for Girls Basketball, Soccer, Softball.


Kristin Ronai
Program Coordinator (Compliance)

Administrative Support for Gymnastics; Appeals Panel; 4-7-2 Exception 1 Requests, 4-7-2 Exception 9 Forms, 4-7-2 Exception 10 Requests, 1-6-4 Requests; Custody Approval/Change; Eligibility; Transfers.

Chris Walker
Production Supervisor

Bulk mailings to schools & officials; Shipping & Receiving; Production of select OHSAA programs, publications, & materials; Maintain state tournament DVD library and orders; Roll ticket manager for regional and state tournaments; Coordinate and oversee all building maintenance; OHSAA fleet vehicle coordination

Jacki Windon
Program Coordinator

Administrative Support for Cross Country, Track and Field; Member School Sport Participation Cards; Sanctioning; Diversity Council; Scholar-Athlete Scholarships; New Administrators Workshop; Harold A. Meyer Award, Archie Griffin Awards; Sportsmanship; Ethics and Integrity Program; Member School Applications; School Database Maintenance; Mailing Labels and Lists; Town Hall Meetings/Regional Meetings Updates


Eli Burris
Communications Intern


Jason Davis
Marketing Intern


Garret Drumm
Marketing Intern


Steele Gaumer
Officiating Intern


Kelsey Golec
Compliance Intern


Brittany Gross
Officiating Intern


Shakala Jones
Marketing Intern


Aaron McPherson
Communications Intern


Kim Roseler
Marketing Intern


Matt Titus
Communications Intern


Brett Pusateri
Accounting Intern


Kevin Buerge
Communications Assistant