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First Aid for Coaches

Frequently Asked Questions About The Revised Ohio Department of Education Standard for Sports First Aid Training



Q1. What are the changes in the revised standards and when do they go into effect?

Q2. How does a coach demonstrate compliance with the sports first aid training standard (items 2a, b, c and d above)?

Q3. How long is the Pupil Activity Supervisor Permit in effect? 

Q4. When will the first permits be issued?

Q5. Who must have this permit?

Q6. Who maintains compliance of this program? 

A1. There are two major changes in the revised standards: 1.) All coaches must demonstrate that they have met the requirements of a CPR training course and must possess a valid certification card; and 2.) All coaches must complete sports first aid training. This training can be completed in one of four ways: a.) Complete a four hour sports first aid course offered by a provider that is approved by the State Department of Education (ODE); b.) Complete one of the following national sports first aid course programs: the American Sport Education Program, the American Red Cross Sport Safety Training course, or NFHS First Aid for Coaches (www.nfhslearn.com); or c.) Complete college course work in sports first aid; d.) Have one of the following licenses, M.D., D.O., R.N., EMT, A.T.C.. The local school district is responsible for documenting that all coaches have current certification. Coaches must meet both parts of these standards to be approved to coach at an OHSAA member school.

A2. Coaches must hold a valid CPR card and be prepared to show it to a school administrator before being permitted to coach. To demonstrate compliance with 2a, upon completion of the course, the coach will submit an application for the Pupil Activity Supervisor Permit to the ODE along with a $45 processing fee. The ODE will issue the permit upon verification of completion of the course which is submitted by the provider. To demonstrate compliance with 2b and d, the coach must submit proof of such completion to the ODE at the time application is made. Documentation required is the American Sport Education certificate of successful completion which will be mailed to the coach after completing all course requirements; or the American Red Cross Sport Safety card, which will be issued after successful course completion; or the NFHS First Aid for Coaches card, which will be issued after successful course completion. In these two cases coaches must still file the $45 processing fee along with the application. Coaches wishing to receive the permit based on 2c must submit course syllabi, and official transcripts to ODE along with the application and the fee. The ODE will issue the permit if the course work meets the standard.

A3. The permit is issued for a three year period, dated July 1 - June 30.

A4. The ODE has informed the OHSAA that they will begin processing applications after June 16, 1997.

A5. Although local schools may make their own decisions about what other personnel they may require to participate, in accordance with OHSAA Bylaw 6-1-1, all coaches (paid or volunteer) in all member schools (public and non-public) must meet the state standards and receive both the permit and have current CPR certification.

A6. The ODE maintains administrative compliance over the Pupil Activity Supervisor Permit. Members schools are required, as stipulated in the bylaw, to insure that all standards are met. The school administrative authority will maintain the CPR