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About the OHSAA

OHSAA Mission Statement

The Ohio High School Athletic Association provides educational opportunities for students through participation in interscholastic athletics programs while also providing leadership and support for member school administrators and coaches and contest officials.

The OHSAA Believes That...

  • Participation in interscholastic athletics programs is a privilege, not a right.
  • Participation in interscholastic athletics programs complements a student’s school experience and teaches lifelong lessons of hard work, teamwork and self-discipline.
  • Participation in interscholastic athletics programs promotes citizenship and sporting behavior, instills a sense of community and promotes a lifetime appreciation for sports and healthy lifestyles.
  • All students, regardless of ethnicity, race or gender, should have an equal opportunity to participate in interscholastic athletics programs.
  • Sporting and ethical behavior are expectations in interscholastic athletics by all participants, coaches, administrators, officials and spectators.
  • Coaches, administrators and contest officials should serve as positive role models who are critical to a student’s development and success.
  • In order to minimize health and safety risks and maintain ethical standards, it is mandatory that interscholastic athletics participants are free from use of anabolic steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs.
  • All rules, regulations and facilities for and supervision of interscholastic athletics programs should ensure maximum protection of the health, safety and well-being of each participant.
  • Limitations should be placed upon the length of sport seasons and the number of interscholastic contests played by participants.
  • Students should engage in a well-rounded experience that encourages participation in a multitude of extracurricular activities.
  • All attempts should be made to accommodate students with disabilities in interscholastic athletics programs.
  • Compliance with all school, OHSAA and state regulations along with contest playing rules is essential for everyone involved in interscholastic athletics programs.
  • Student academic achievement and success take priority over athletics achievement and success.
  • The success of a team is more important than individual awards.
  • Interscholastic athletics programs exist to prepare students for the next level of life, not the next level of sports.
  • Participation in interscholastic athletics programs can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and create memories that will last forever.

The OHSAA is Committed To...

  • Establishing and regulating regular season and tournament standards in order for competition to be fair and equitable.
  • Administering exceptional interscholastic athletics tournaments.
  • Promoting that interscholastic athletics participation complements a student’s educational experience.
  • Providing unparalleled leadership and customer service to our various constituents that is objective, responsive and inclusive.
  • Providing rulings that are swift, fair, consistent and impartial.
  • Operating with openness and demonstrating fiscal accountability.
  • Honoring our tradition of excellence, which has served our member schools for the past 100-plus years.
  • Honoring our ultimate purpose, which is to promote lifetime values, good citizenship, academic success, ethics and fair play in safe and sporting environments.

NFHS Mission Statement

The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) serves its members, related professional organizations and students by providing leadership for the administration of education-based interscholastic activities, which support academic achievement, good citizenship and equitable opportunities.
- 51 State Associations - 20,000 High Schools - 500,000 Coaches and Sponsors - 11,000,000 Student Participants - 500,000 Officials and Judges - 9 Canadian Associations - 14 Other Affiliate Members 

OHSAA Governance

OHSAA Governance 
OHSAA member schools vote annually on changes to the constitution and bylaws. The OHSAA Board of Directors, which is elected by the membership, annually approves sports regulations.
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Did You Know? OHSAA Financials

The OHSAA is the only high school state association in the United States that combines all of the following financial benefits for its members:
  •  Member schools do not pay any annual membership dues.
  •  Member schools pay limited tournament entry fees.
  •  Members schools receive travel expenses reimbursement for selected regional and state tournaments.
  •  The OHSAA pays the entire premium for the catastrophic insurance coverage for all student-athletes.
  •  Schools have the opportunity to sell presale tickets to some regional and state tournaments and keep a portion of the revenue.
  •  Annually, an average of $2.6 million is distributed to schools in the form of travel reimbursements and ticket bonuses from tournament operations. 
  • $150,000 in scholarships to member school student-athletes to further education in the student's chosen fields. 

2017-18 Board of Directors, Administrators & Staff

First Row (left to right): Jeremy Marks (Ex-Officio, Ohio Department of Education Representative), Joe Roberts (Class AAA Representative, Northwest District), Tony Deem (Class A Representative, Southeast District), Bob Britton (Class A Representative, Central District), Rhonda Rickelman (Female Representative, Northeast District), Paul R. Powers (Class AA Representative, Northeast District), Walt Skaggs (Class AAA Representative, East District), Kevin Katafias (7th-8th Grade Representative, Northwest District), Mark LaFon (Ethnic Minority Representative, Southeast District), John Knonour (Class AA Representative, Southwest District), Bruce Brown (Ex-Officio, Ohio Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association).
Second Row: Tim Stried (Director of Communications), Roxanne Price (Director of Compliance and Sporting Behavior), Jeff Jordan (Senior Director of Finance and Accounting), Bob Goldring (Senior Director of Operations), Dr. Daniel Ross (Executive Director), Dr. Deborah Moore (Senior Director of Compliance and Sports Medicine), Beau Rugg (Director of Officiating and Sport Management), Steve Neil (Director of Corporate Development), Jerry Snodgrass (Director of Sport Management).
Third Row: Ben Ferree (Assistant Director of Officiating/Sport Management), Kristin Ronai (Assistant Director of Compliance), Tyler Brooks (Assistant Director of Officiating/Sport Management), Andrea Heiberger (Administrative Assistant/Receptionist), Molly Downard (Executive Administrative Assistant), Angie Lawler (Assistant Director of Officiating/Sport Management), Jason Fleming (Assistant Director of Finance and Accounting), Jacki Windon (Assistant Director of Membership Services), Jenn Close (Assistant Director of Sport Management), Todd Boehm (Director of Finance and Accounting), Brenda Murray (Assistant Director of Membership Services), Emily Gates (Assistant Director of Sport Management), Chris Walker (Director of Production Services), Lauren Prochaska (Assistant Director of Sport Management).